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Nawa International’s role is to sit on top of and manage the pyramid of the holding group which includes all of its vested investments and subsidiary companies. Our hands-on role guarantees a smooth flow of all operations entailed within the. Through the centralized-management structure, we aim to separate the business side of things from the technical operations in order to ensure optimum efficiency and accountability.

As an investment vehicle, Nawa International would innovate and develop long-term sustainable projects within a number of industries notably construction.

Hence, it went on to establish Nawa Engineering and Windows International, specializing in construction and Upvc/ windows & doors fabrication respectively. In 2012, Nawa International expanded its range of investments to cover the swimming pool industry. Integrating an established company into its holding group, it duly renamed the said entity as Nawa Pools, specializing in the construction of a variety of swimming pool and water features with the help of its international partners. Ever since then, the group has entered the food & beverage industry through Muscat Gourmet as well as created private sleeping-entities in the field of hospitality & tourism, education and aquaculture among others.

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said

our vision.

“Fundementally, we believe strongly in His Majesty’s 5-year plans for our homeland. When Nawa International was set up, it was decided from the outset that our vision correlated strongly with what is happening on the larger scale within industries in Oman..”

HH Al Sayyid Talal Bin Tariq Bin Taimur Al Said
Honorary Chairman

“Our primary goal has always been to be a leading name in construction in the country and later on in the region..After only 2 years in the industry, we have surpassed the targets which we had set ourselves and have moved on to the next phase of our strategy.”

Khalid Al Suleimany
Managing Director

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