swimming pools.

Nawa Pools specializes in the construction of high-quality swimming pools of various specifications, makes and types and is able to offer you a one-stop shop when it comes to maintaining your already-constructed pool throughout its existence.

Our team is composed of highly experienced members that have had extensive background within the industry.

In terms of material and equipment, Nawa Pools only utilizes the most renowned and internationally accepted set of products.

These include Spanish, Swedish, British, Belgian and US-made brands. We firmly believe that the benchmark must be set higher than what is currently found within the GCC. We seek to increase your awareness and knowledge of the swimming pool process and bring you up to speed to what choices you have in terms of making important decisions.

As far as we are aware, a person’s swimming pool is one of the most personal choices one has to make during the construction of one’s house.

our vision.

“Building a swimming pool is a one-time occurrence for most people. The lack of awareness of the options available to the customer was the most worrying aspect in the local market. Not only do we build your pool but we expand your picture of what is possible..”

“To ensure quality service, we researched the market and set up partnerships with some of the leading suppliers of swimming pool technology and machinery worldwide. We wouldn’t have been able to build the kind of pools that we’d be happy to associate the Nawa brand with…”

Khalid Al Suleimany Managing Director

pool types.


selection of our projects.