what we do.

Nawa International is a multi-faceted project investment company. It specializes in creating turn-key investment vehicles through long-term strategizing. That is how Windows International (UPVC Windows & Doors Fabrication), Nawa Engineering (Construction), Nawa Pools (Swimming pool construction) and Muscat Gourmet (Food & Beverage Company) were all founded. Today, they are all full-fledged independent operational entities. Furthermore, its close ties with key investment entities (governmental & non-governmental) within the Sultanate of Oman means that it is able to provide an invaluable asset to all of its subsidiaries and investment projects: Strategic Partnerships. This has included historical tie-ups with notable governmental “Pension Funds” within a number of existing ventures. Nawa International, through close monitoring, remains at the helm of its investments, as a holding company that ensures its subsidiary entities are performing according to their constitutional and business conditions. The company is regularly approached by investors, entrepreneurs and visionaries for guidance, investment and strategic partnerships that Nawa International is able to offer them. Consequently, it remains open to business scenarios within a number of sectors including niche branch-offs of construction, hospitality & tourism, and property development among others.

Nawa International remains active in the below sectors & opens a range of services accordingly:

  • UPVC Windows & Doors Fabrication – Windows International is registered with the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Royal Oman Police (ROP) and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). It specializes in the fabrication of high-quality UPVC windows & doors solutions for residential and commercial projects within Oman
  • Swimming Pool Construction – Nawa Pools is one of two companies that constructs conventional swimming pools within the country. Its mandate is to convert the acrylic and liner pool culture that is prevalent towards superiorly constructed and life-time lasting entities. It also supplies spare parts and tiles from internationally certified brands
  • Construction of Residential, Commercial & Industrial Projects (Oman) – Nawa Engineering specializes in selective/niche construction projects within the residential and commercial property development sector
  • Hospitality & Tourism Investment Opportunities (Oman) – Nawa International remains committed to investing within the Hospitality & Tourism sector in Oman. With that in mind, it has undertaken necessary feasibility studies and business plans on a number of selected propositions which are in the process of being finalized. The company remains open to approaches on discussing collaborations
  • Property Development Investment Opportunities (Oman) – Due to its expertise within the industry, as well as strong-hold on key elements that determine a project’s success, the company is able to offer investors carefully-tailored propositions that are ready to kick-off
  • Food & Beverage Establishments (Middle East) – Muscat Gourmet is a Middle Eastern-based f&b company that has a number of brands such as Burger Station and Zen Asian Bistro under its umbrella
  • Aquaculture Project Management & Consultancy (Middle East) – Through a strategic partnership with project consultants from New Zealand, Nawa International is working closely with the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries in Oman to execute “fish-breeding” projects unique to the region. Having been given governmental support in this respect, the company is open to investor approaches to discuss possible collaborations
  • Investment Consultancy for Opportunities (Oman) – The company invites prospective investors into the Omani economy to meet and discuss possible collaborations within the country
  • Education-Sector Investment (Oman) – Nawa International facilitated the entry of an internationally certified Canadian-curriculum school, Alruwad International School, into the country in 2013, through its involvement
  • Alternative Energy Consultancy for Opportunities (Oman) – The company has held official dialogue with relevant ministries within the country to pave the path for future investment and development with foreign partners
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research (Oman) – Nawa International is perfectly placed and able to offer market research services to prospective investors in order to illuminate the path towards entry within the relevant industry. That is the internal approach taken by the company prior to any new investment project